August 12, 2008

Monday after work, while driving home I thought “Hmm, maybe the bike shop finished my bike early, since I’m driving past on my way home, I’ll just stop in an ask.  No harm in that!”

I did, and it was!

You can guess what I did after that =)

I estimate that I rode about 20 miles, however I seemed to have misplaced 5 miles of it.  This could be because I was sucked through a wormhole, or possibly my cyclometer was unseated for a while.  I’ll let you decide.

Fortunately it only started spitting rain on my way home.  I tucked my ipod and other junk under my arm and continued on.  After getting home the sky opened up.  Once again I was lucky to avoid the rain.

The bike feels fantastic.  It shifts like a breeze, the breaks are super responsive.  In fact, the breaks are almost TOO responsive.  Perhaps I lost those five miles while being abducted by aliens who somehow implanted a mind-reading AI into my bike.  Or maybe the bike guys just pulled the slack out of my break cables.  But where’s the fun in that?

Anyway I made it home all smelly and happy. =)

On Monday when I picked up the bike, I had been very excited to get back to biking to work.  This morning it’s cold and raining.  I don’t have rain gear, and simply cannot find the motivation to ride in to work today.  The downers far outweigh the benefits.  Once I get to work, after the soaking cold ride, I’ll have to hang everything out to dry in my cube in a somewhat inconspicuous way (there is no such way).  Once I’ve finished my 8 hours of technical support, I’ll put the cold, wet clothes back on and ride home (probably in the rain again).  If I had proper waterproof gear: just a coat and pants, I wouldn’t even hesitate.  I’d like to have a helmet cover and gloves.  On any given day (take last night’s ride for example) I can generate enough heat to keep myself comfortable.  Monday’s afternoon ride was shirtless, but I never felt cold.  It’s probably not as bad as I’m making it out to be, but the benefit just isn’t there today.

After work the sun was out, and I had about an hour to ride, but a thunderstorm shook the sky and rained on my parade.  I chose to practice Kenpo techniques instead.  The hour is over and there’s still no rain.  I’ll take this as a lesson.  Next time just get going.  Oh well, time to go teach.