Bike to Work, day 25

April 30, 2009

On Tuesday the temperature was 90+ and humid.  Wednesday I biked in without gloves.  Sure it seemed a little chilly at first.  Then it just got worse and worse.  When I arrived in the office, I realized that it was 32 outside.  No wonder my hands hurt so much!  50 degree difference overnight.

Today I was determined to enjoy the scenery as I rode.  It’s hard to look around when you’re in the drops.

0:23’06, 6.46mi
avg 16.8mph, max 29.7mph
36ºF, Odo 747.7mi
Cadence: whatever

0:22’21, 6.77mi
avg 18.1mph, max 33.8mph
70ºF, Odo 754.5mi
Cadence: something

Worked off some tension on the ride home. Will work off the rest at the karate studio.

Bike to Work, day 24

April 29, 2009

0:22’33, 6.77mi
avg 18.0mph, max 26.7mph
32ºF? Odo 734.5mi
Cadence: garbage

I sorely missed gloves this morning.

0:19’54, 6.75mi
avg 20.4mph, max 33.0mph
64ºF, Odo 741.2mi
Cadence: gold

Bike to Work, day 23

April 27, 2009

After another amazing wonderful weekend, I cannot say I was enthused to jump out of bed and ride to work.  Unlike yesterday, where I would have ridden to the moon.

0:21′04, 6.77mi
avg 19.3mph, max 30.6mph
53ºF, Odo 721.4mi
Cadence: 70-90rpm

Good ride, actually!

Somehow I reset my cyclometer, which set back to a smaller wheel size, and gave me a slower speed riding home.  Not something I could adjust until I got there.  Time shouldn’t change, though, which I somehow neglected to remember:

0:22’26, 6.77mi
avg ??mph, max ??mph
81ºF, Odo 727.7mi
Cadence: 65-80rpm

Early Sunday

April 26, 2009

Copied from my journal:

After a late night, I expected today to start late, and set my alarm for 10. My birthday party starts at 11.  Somehow, I woke up early and could seem to close my eyes again. The world looked so bright and quiet and wonderful. Energized by I Don’t Know What, I grabbed a quick bite and pedaled off into the boonies.

18.8 miles of hills later, after what I am convinced is the best riding I’ve done this year, I got home and heard my alarm go off. What perfect timing: a nice morning workout before I even had to get up.

1:01’21, 18.88mi
avg 18.4mph, max 39.0mph
80ºF? Odo 414.6mi
Cadence: 70-90rpm
*hot and humid

Bike to Work, day 22

April 23, 2009

I forgot to post in the morning!  So sad too, because I’m certain I had a best time: 0:21’04 with a 19mph average speed.  It was 42º.

0:21’04, 6.76mi
avg 19.?mph, max ??mph
42ºF, Odo: ??mi
Cadence: whatever

But the ride home I did capture, and what a ride it was.  Crosswinds from the west, 10mph, gusting to 20.  I swear they were in my face the whole time.  It wouldn’t be half as epic except that I wasn’t just commuting home, I was commuting 15 miles to pick up my car.  More than double my regular commute.  And I killed it:

0:48’14, 15.43mi (day 22.19mi)
avg 19.2mph, max 32.2mph
58ºF, Odo 387.3mi
Cadence: 60-90rpm

I have to say I’m remarkably impressed with myself.  That is fast. Two records in one day!  Wow!

Also: Happy Birthday to me!  If anyone asks, this is what I wished for:

Belt Driven Singlespeed

The Trek District: A Belt Driven Singlespeed.

Bike to Work, day 21

April 22, 2009

I couldn’t bike in yesterday because I needed to bring my car to the shop for an inspection and repairs.  I didn’t bike in on Monday due to my exhausting weekend:

Wednesday: Give blood, Promotion night form demonstration.  Step exam the day after.  2 hours of sparring on Friday.  Up at 6:30am for Candidate class Saturday morning, hours and hours of cello, earth day events (running and jumping with kids), then out to Boston for Sushi, RockBand until 4am.  Sunday was an easy day with lots of sleep then an intense 2 hour practice at the studio.

This was just another in a series of incredible, eventful weekends that seem to have become my normal way of life.  No complaints, I’m loving this; and it’s like Tom Petty said: You never slow down, you never grow old.

0:22′14, 6.76mi
avg 18.2mph, max 32.6mph
48°F, Odo 358.3mi
Cadence: 70-85rpm

If my car is finished before the end of the day, I’ll bike another 15 miles after work.  More than likely, I’ll end up doing that ride on Thursday.  Not quite looking forward to that.  Too much traffic, slight uphill the whole way.  On the other hand, when I’m done I always feel invincible.

I forgot how good I feel after biking in!  I feel refreshed and strong and alive.

No broken records coming home, and that’s fine.  It was the coldest 60º I’ve ever felt, though:

0:20′46, 6.76mi
avg 19.5mph, max 29.7mph
60°F, Odo 365.1mi
Cadence: 70-85rpm

Cello time!

Bike to Work, day 20

April 16, 2009

Nothing impressive today.  Woke up refreshed at 5:15am, biked in slowly.

0:26’16, 6.78mi
avg 15.5mph, max 30.9mph
28°F, Odo 344.7mi
Cadence: meh

Still recovering from giving blood yesterday.

0:21’35, 6.78mi
avg 18.9mph, max 30.3mph
54°F, Odo 351.5mi
Cadence: meh

That’s more like it.

I gave blood today!

Bike to Work, day 19

April 14, 2009

After a great night of hanging out, juggling, Poi, and getting home after midnight, I had a hard time taking my 5:15am alarm seriously.  I had set my alarm forward to get me up to drive in when, miraculously, I got up.

0:21′47, 6.79mi
avg 18.7mph, max 25.7mph
29°F, Odo 331.2mi
Cadence: 75-85rpm

I’m  surprised I didn’t set any records, for the effort I put in.  I charged up every hill with spunk, even sprinted to the finish.  But no.  No breakfast and lack of sleep deprives all.

0:20′32, 6.78mi
avg 19.8mph, max 28.7mph
60°F, Odo 337.9mi
Cadence: 67-111rpm

Not bad!

Apologies for the briefness of my recent posts.  I’ve been busy.

Saturday’s test was a huge success.  I’m so proud of my team-mates!

Today’s ride was largely unmotivated.  Regardless, I felt I did better than this:

0:23′50, 6.78mi
avg 17.0mph, max 28.3mph
33°F, Odo 317.6mi
Cadence: 70-80rpm

Only 17mph?  Really?  I can do better, even in the cold.

Let’s be honest here.  I’m focused on other things right now.  I have this huge test looming ahead at the karate studio, something I’ve been anticipating for years.  I’ve been getting ready for years.

Not that I don’t enjoy the bike, I still love it.  I’m just not motivated to kill myself every morning.  Until I pass this test, sometime in May, I’m allowing myself some lazy morning rides.

Now that was better!

0:20′06, 6.77mi
avg 20.2mph, max 31.6mph
53°F, Odo 324.3mi
Cadence: 80rpm

20mph I can justify. And at only 50º!  I’m hoping by the time it’s 70 in the mornings that my average speed will be astronmical.