Bike to Work, day 71

August 14, 2008

I set a new record this morning, I worked hard for it:  The slowest ride in.

My old record was 5/28 with a time of 25:14, 15.5mph.  Today I broke that record.

26:23, 6.5mi
61ºF, Odo 1777mi
avg 14.9mph, max 23.9mph

Lightning fast! I think I broke the sound barrier on this one.

I noticed on the first downhill that my speed was an astonishing 20mph.  I think that’s a record, too: slowest max speed.

Look at that staggering average speed.  I gave snails a run for their money today, let me tell you!

Maybe it was the giant anchor I dragged behind me the whole time, or the 20lb ankle weights.  It could have been the 45 miles I rode last night, or that the breaks were locked down with heavy elastic bands.  Either way, this is a huge success.

The ride home was much less spectacular than my ride in.  I was hungry and thirsty and it had just rained so my butt is wet… The sky is always so beautiful after it rains.

22:11, 6.5mi
72ºF, Odo 1784mi
avg 17.7mph, max 31.1mph
*wet ground

Now my bag is covered in dirt, my bike shorts are soaked through, and I’m off to shower and shave, then eat and teach karate.  Biking, mud, showering, eating, teaching (and doing) karate.  All of my favorite things in one sentence.  Talk about an excellent day!