Surprise! I cut my hair (off)!  Leo, at Cesar’s Hair Design was great, and knew more about my condition than my doctor did.  The spot was growing, so I just took it all off.  Woo!

I didn’t ride yesterday, due to illness.  I stayed in bed most of the day, only leaving later to shave my head and run some other errands.  For more pics of my bald head, visit Darling Millie.

Hopefully, this will make me more aerodynamic!

22:50, 6.5mi
57ºF, Odo 2046mi
avg 17.0mph, max 26.1mph

I pushed and pushed then gave up.  Maybe I should start setting monthly record goals.  Having an attainable goal is the biggest training motivator I have, on a bike.

Welcome cat bloggers!  Please feel free to browse around the main site.  Wow, my site traffic more than doubled today.  Thanks Millie (and Mom)!

19:19, 6.5mi
81ºF, Odo 2052mi
avg 20.1mph, max 31.6mph

I pushed hard for a record, knowing there was little chance of matching or beating my best ever.  Instead, I was working for a best of the month.  Weather I got it or not, it proved to be the motivation I needed.


The tanline is from my camelbak.