Records for 09:

Best to-work time: 0:19’50, 6.77mi, 20.4mph. 5/22 record by 1min.
Best home time: 0:18’58, 6.74mi, 21.3mph. 5/11 record by 1min.

Honorable mention: April 23rd.  19mph for 15 miles!

Best hilly twenty: 1:03’15, 20.17mi, 19.1mph, 1273ft climbing. 5/15 *drafted a trailer for miles.

First year records:

Cycling records, To-From Work:
Best to-work time: 18m41s, average speed 21.0mph. 7/8/08 record by 1.5min
Best home time: 17m59s, average speed 21.8mph. 6/30/08, record by 1min
Unassisted Top Speed: 43.2mph. 5/29/08

Best 25mi ride: 1h15m22s, 24.6mi, average speed 19.6mph, during a Thunderstorm! 7/2/08 record by 5min.
Best 50mi ride: 2h54m53s, 49.1mi, average speed 16.8mph, scattered showers. 8/3/08 record by 10 min.
Honorable mention: The broken 45: 2h24m38s, 45.5mi, average speed 18.8mph. 8/13/08 at dusk.
Best 100mi ride: First century: 6h09m pedaling time, 9h total.  ~4134ft climbing.

Crazy records:
Fastest ever: 47.8mph 7/20/08 record by 1.6mph
Hottest ride: 1h20m13s, 24.7mi, average speed 18.4mph, 6/10/08 Temp: 100-102F. Set a record by 1 min.
Coldest ride: 20ºF. 3/18/08

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