Bike to Work, day 80

August 29, 2008

The big Eight Zero!  Too bad it was so slow:

24:25, 6.5mi
57ºF, Odo 2059mi
avg 15.9mph, max 27.5mph

Ouch! That average speed just stinks.  Here’s why this was such a difficult ride:

  • Food: No substantial dinner last night.  I should have had a full meal after karate, but for some reason I didn’t feel hungry (maybe it was the ice cream).
  • Rest: Not enough sleep.  After karate I picked up an ice pack, then visited my friend at Starbucks® for a soothing hot chai.  It was more about visiting than chai, though I mistook the relaxing quality of my favorite tea for ‘will help me sleep’.  Woops.

During the ride I certainly put the effort in, but there was just no energy to give.  On the other hand I spent time hanging out with cool people, so it was worth it.

What a wonderful evening!  I didn’t have time to write my time down after work, so here it is:

21:29, 6.5mi
73º, Odo 2065mi
avg 18.2mph, max 29.7mph

I had the privilege of socializing with very chill folk in Boston after karate last night. One cycling conversation lasted hours! I was also lucky enough to meet up with an experienced cyclist and chat about cold weather gear, etc.  Excellent!

Tomorrow I’m going to the beach, with plans to hang out with another cool group of people.  I’m planning on cycling up and down the coast, too.