Harsh, Strong Start
I started hardcore, pushing a heavy mountainbike through 20ºF mornings.  I persevered the rain at 34º, and even a bit of snowfall.  Those mornings I was waking up at 4am, meditating for an hour, then suiting up with work clothes and a lunch on my back.  The rides home were so much easier.  I even carried my bike upstairs to my room every time.  That first week, I rode up to Manchester twice.  The ride was crippling for me, I could barely walk afterward.

But I did it.  It was not easy but that didn’t even slow me down.

Exciting Summer on Wheels
Spring and Summer spoiled me.  New bike.  New top speeds.  Less to wear.  Less to prepare.  Easy, fun cycling.  Centuries for endurance.  Riding all day.  Riding with friends.  You can read the backlog, I posted every day.

Then came autumn, what I consider the most beautiful time to be outside in New England.  The temperature began to dip again.  I ended weak, afraid of rain at 50º.  Still no raincoat.  By the time the rain had stopped, I was down a month.  I tried to catch up but could not seem to meet my old speeds.  I could wake up later and stay dry in my car.  Plus the gas prices dropped to under $2 a gallon.  Cycling was becoming a chore: it was dark in the mornings again, and fear of rain loomed with each day.  Ugh, I feel so embarrassed now.  Three thousand miles was within my grasp, and I let it slip away.

It’s time for resolutions, but not time for riding.  I will buy myself a coat, I will ride when the snow retreats.  When the roads widen I will be fierce again!  But for now: hot coco, scarves, down jackets, and bustling out to the car.  Brrrr!

Joy, Bridled.

January 24, 2009

Here’s what killed my 365 cycling to work plan: Cold Rain.

September and October were all about cold rainy days.  I didn’t have the gear I needed, nor the space to dry it during work.  I feel bad hanging my stinking, soaking leggings, coat (& shirt, gloves, facemask, and hat) up in the group closet.  There’s no ventilation, no drainage.  That, plus who wants to get cold and wet?

I still don’t have a good jacket, and now I miss my bike.  Strangely, I miss the exertion, the endurance challenge of it.  I jogged earlier this week at 10ºF; yes, I am a crazy person.  Unfortunately I do not have any cool rollers for biking indoors.  Probably I couldn’t justify paying for them anyway.  Spend money to take all the cool parts of cycling away?  No air.  No sky.  No trees.  Nobody else, ever.  No hills!  Why bother?

Then again, I could get some reading done.  hmmmm.

I might just get crazy enough to start riding sooner than March.  Again, hmmm.  I have much to think about.

Looking Up

January 4, 2009

sky in motion.

I found this on APOD, Astronomy Picture Of the Day.

If that HD version is too choppy for you, you can view it regular quality here: original apod page.