August 10, 2008

I have been trying to reset my sleep clock, hence waking up at 5am on saturday and 7am today.  I could not seem to drag myself out of bed on a Sunday morning before 7.  Let’s pretend I had a good reason, though: my bike is in the shop for it’s free 30 mile checkup.

Now, those of you who have paid attention to my odometer since April will laugh as I’ve put almost 1500 miles on the road bike without bringing it in.  Oops.

The most visible problem is the grip tape has begun to unravel.  The most annoying problem is the front dérailleur fails to reach all three gears without rubbing on the extremes.  The bike is also kindof dirty.  Who knows, maybe they’ll clean it, too.  I’ll get it back on Tuesday.

Tuesday.  That’s 3 days without my bike.  I’m not sure I can take it!  I’m going into withdrawls.  Today I’d been hoping to ride by the ocean, up and down the coast.  Tomorrow and Tuesday I was hoping to really put the pedal down and break (or at least challenge) my records.

But no, no cycling for 3 days.  Maybe I’ll jog?  I feel bereft without my bike.  Empty inside.  Then again, maybe I’m just hungry.