Urban Cycling

August 2, 2008

I rode to the bank after work the other day.  The bank is about 5 miles away and it took about 16 minutes to get there and back.  Every time I ride in the city I have trouble with my pedals.  I just cannot clip in fast enough and end up drifting slowly through the intersection, the most dangerous place for a bicycle, all the while looking down at my foot instead of around at the traffic. I cannot emphasize enough how dangerous this is.

I don’t have a second bike yet, but I am considering mounting regular pedals on whatever I purchase next, or at least those one-side pedals  Clip in pedals are almost just as bad, but at least I can push through the traffic.  I’m one of the lycra speed-demon types, in case you haven’t noticed.

Speaking of traffic, please take some time (weather you are a cyclists or a motorist) to read this Open Letter to Motorists.  It’s a good read.

You might, at first, believe cyclists are at war with motorists.  Reading about some of the incidents between drivers and bikers is frightening at best.  Hence Ride Civil.  It’s a beautiful idea for peace from BikeHugger.com. Check it out, and remember: wage peace.

Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity. – George Carlin