Bike to Work, day 81

September 1, 2008

This morning was difficult because I arrived home late last night, and had trouble falling asleep, regardless of how tired I was.

21:33, 6.5mi
57ºF, Odo 2102mi
avg 18.0mph, max 27.5mph

I pushed for a season record.  It’s not summer anymore, so there is no way I can reach the same speeds.  Instead of resigning to a known defeat, this way I can continue to push every morning!  I’ll have to look back at my August times and update my record page for the season, but I’m pretty sure this is a record! [edit: The August record for riding to work is: Aug 7th: 20:40, at 65ºF, 18.9mph.  Today is a September record!]

Sunday at the Beach
The beach was wonderful yesterday.  I parked 2 miles away on an empty, wealthy, dead end street, and rode my bike down to the beach.  After a dip in the ocean, I went looking for my friends.  Amazingly, we connected amid thousands of beach goers and had a grand time.  While my friends were at the arcade, I took rode 10 miles up to Wallis Sands, where I remember swimming as a child.  I locked the bike to itself, and managed to hook up my bag so it was impossible to open without a knife.  With this somewhat reasonable protection, I jumped in then took a short walk on the firm sand.  By the time I met back up with my friends, it was time to leave.  I averaged about 18mph for 21 miles.

The ride was windy, but I saw several other cyclists, and that was nice.  I’m satisfied with the ride and with the whole trip.  The ocean was cool, the sun was hot, it was a beautiful day.

I pushed for a record, but ran into traffic in both places.

18:54, 6.5mi
83ºF, Odo 2111mi
avg 20.6mph, max 35.8mph

It’s one minute longer than my all time record, but it’s still an amazing time.  Rock on!