Bike to Work, day 84

September 5, 2008

This morning’s ride was a bit painful, since I banged my shin at karate again last night.  The right one, with all the bruises allready.  It has more now; my right leg is very colorful!

23:30, 6.5mi
66ºF, Odo 2144mi
avg 16.5mph, max 25.3mph

I will include some information about yesterday’s nostalgic dentist visit later.

I put very little effort into my ride home, due to a slightly achy knee.  The weather was perfect, though.

23:05, 6.5mi
88ºF, Odo 2150mi
avg 16.9mph, max 28.2mph

At least I beat the morning ride =P

The Dentist
This initial checkup was a blast from the past.  Back when I was a kid I went to the same office, different dentist.  I was hit with a strong wave of nostalgia as I walked up those same steps.  The feeling continued as I entered that same office.  I sat down and read a book of Calvin & Hobbs comics, more childhood heros.  Now in a thoroughly good mood, I was completely ready for the oncomming torture.

The Server Crashed
After a nice attendant seated me in the torture throne she asked me ten thousand questions about my teeth, pregnancy status, and physical activity.  There was a nifty screen by the death chair, and eventually I was just shaking my head while the assistant clicked next for each question.  Every once in a while a question would make me laugh, for example “are you mentally ill?”  Of course I answered yes.  When we got to the end I needed to sign a form, however there was no form.  The server crashed.  After two reboots and incomprehensible slowness, the giant xray gun was ready to blow my head clean off.

The Zerg
The first thing they did once the server came back up was aim scary looking xray guns at my face, then ran away to press the launch button.  At least the lead jacket was warm and comforting. Also, since they were using digital film, imposing images of teeth showed up on screen. Then we did the panoramic machine. I will only say that if you have any trouble with balance, do not try this at home. There is a tiny plastic stick you bite, then put your feet out in front of you and lean back into empty space. Then a gun circles your head like an mri.

Star Craft - Zerg

Star Craft - Zerg

The resultant image looks exactly like this. I’m not even joking.

The Results
I need two cleanings followed by a root canal.  Oh the excitement!  I cannot even begin to express how awesome it must be to have a hole drilled through your tooth, to the nerve.  Fortunately for you readers, soon, I will be able to express it.  Probably I will have the self-same gleeful look as this friendly creature on the right.

Tomorrow will be four hours, two hundred thirty three miles, of driving down I95S. It would seem there’s a hurricane sauntering up the coast as we speak.  The ride Sunday should have 20mph winds.  This shouldn’t be a problem if they’re all tailwind!  I am completely confident that when I show up I’ll be pampered like a king, then suited up for battle and let loose to destroy this ride!  Pavement watch out, here I come.