Bike to Work, day 30

May 19, 2009

Due to an oversight, I’m carrying my karate uniform (heavier than you think) on my back today.  The 6.5 ratio was otherwise very good, only about 30 seconds slower than my fastest.  Not bad!

0:21’28, 6.77mi
avg 18.9mph, max 27.5mph
38ºF, Odo 865.7mi
Cadence: 63-105rpm

After work today I’m biking up to Manchester.  Whee!

The ride was uneventful.  Traffic stunk, my bag was heavy.  In spite of all this, I still put down a huge average speed.

0:45’58, 15.39mi
avg 20.1mph, max 40.4mph
70ºF, Odo 881.1mi
Cadence: 65-95rpm

Not bad!  Now for some karate.

Bike to Work, day 22

April 23, 2009

I forgot to post in the morning!  So sad too, because I’m certain I had a best time: 0:21’04 with a 19mph average speed.  It was 42º.

0:21’04, 6.76mi
avg 19.?mph, max ??mph
42ºF, Odo: ??mi
Cadence: whatever

But the ride home I did capture, and what a ride it was.  Crosswinds from the west, 10mph, gusting to 20.  I swear they were in my face the whole time.  It wouldn’t be half as epic except that I wasn’t just commuting home, I was commuting 15 miles to pick up my car.  More than double my regular commute.  And I killed it:

0:48’14, 15.43mi (day 22.19mi)
avg 19.2mph, max 32.2mph
58ºF, Odo 387.3mi
Cadence: 60-90rpm

I have to say I’m remarkably impressed with myself.  That is fast. Two records in one day!  Wow!

Also: Happy Birthday to me!  If anyone asks, this is what I wished for:

Belt Driven Singlespeed

The Trek District: A Belt Driven Singlespeed.