I used the stopwatch feature on my iPod, but didn’t pause it at the redlight, where I chatted with another commuter.  This was the first time I’ve stopped at a light with another cyclist during a morning or afternoon commute.  Here’s my time:

23:52, 6.3mi
45ºF, Odo 2420mi
avg 15.83mph

Second Impression
It’s a little wobbly, but it was nice to wear normal shoes, and not need lycra shorts (I wore them anyway, under sweatpants).  I kept pulling my shoes off the pedals.  This is slightly disconcerting.  It also feels very strange to have that ability, again; to be able to lift my feet off the pedals.  I’ll install the baskets, that way I can still wear boots.

I felt stupid pedaling fast on this bike.  I felt silly in that I was exerting so much effort for such little result.  Just coast! Certainly, it needed to be done once.  I have my ‘hustle’ time, now I can just relax.

A couple, tattood and pierced, passed me in Manchester yesterday, riding two beautiful cruisers.  Hers was white and light blue.  His was tan and cream.  Punk and fenders.  Welcome to the slow bike movement.

I must remember the goals I had when I chose this bike. Winter Bike, Slow Bike Movement, Fixie, Easy Mount/Dismount, Cadence Training.

Embracing the Bike

Curvaceous and Clumsy

In the few moments of riding since I picked it up (oh, twenty minutes ago) I have developed a subtle fear of the grueling ride I expect tomorrow morning.

Not Quite Featherweight.

Not Quite Featherweight.

It’s got a miserable top speed which is hard to maintain.  On the other hand, it’s much lighter than I feared it would be.



In short, the bike is curvaceous and clumsy, sexy and slow.  These are my first impressions.

Extension of Self

Extension of Self

So here I am, with a new bike and a bit of fear.  I like confronting my fears, they’re never as big or as powerful as they seem to be.  After confronting them, I am much bigger; I am much more powerful than I seem to be.

Selfportrait with Bike

Selfportrait with Bike*

Come on challenges, come on fears!  I have everything to gain!  Bring it on.