Bike to work, day 69

August 8, 2008

I am out of my routine.  I’ve been going to bed later, waking up later, and riding slow.  I had hoped getting to bed early Wednesday would help, it didn’t.  I still cannot seem to drag myself out of bed before 5:30am.

22:30, 6.5mi
64ºF, Odo 1681mi
avg 17.4mph, max 28.3mph

Regardless of the slogging sloth-y nature of my morning, the ride was beautiful.  My aim was to have the most enjoyable ride in, and I succeded.  I was listening to Beethoven’s 7th symphony, with my arms stretched out to the sky, as I rode down a tree lined road, floating through my morning.  The sunlight caught the tops of the trees, or peaked at me between the houses.  Once I arrived on the Fidelity campus, I was further surrounded by trees.  The rich greens were overwelming.  It was a sea of shaded, living, beauty.  What an amazing world we live in!

20:41, 6.5mi
72ºF, Odo 1688mi
avg 19.0mph, max 27.8mph
*light rain

I pushed a bit, and tried counting my cadence.  When I pushed myself I was doing about 80 cycles a minute.  The bike shop guy said 90 was where I should be.  I like pushing hard for longer.  It feels like I’m getting more done than just spinning in place.

Bike to work, day 66

August 5, 2008

What a beautiful morning!  For some reason, this morning I felt more open than usual.  The air felt clear and accepting.  I took more notice of the sky and how beautiful the world is.  Maybe I was just more relaxed than usual.  I pushed the whole ride, but didn’t kill myself.  I took the overpass in the middle gear.

21:51, 6.5mi
68ºF, Odo 1642mi
avg 17.9, max 27.4mph

I haven’t worn my iPod for the last two days, because I forgot the headphones in Manchester, along with my cell phone.  I don’t miss the cell phone =)

The ride home wasn’t bad either

19:16, 6.5mi
79ºF, Odo 1649mi
avg 20.3mpg, max 32.7mph

I do not expect to break any records so soon after a Fifty, especially after a week of not commuting, so I don’t mind being a minute or so over my record.  Still, I itch to bring those morning times in a little.