October 16, 2009

I’ve had a cold all week, and I’ve scraped frost off my windshield all week, too. If I didn’t have a cold, and had been getting enough sleep and hydration…. I would still be in bed at 6am. It’s dark and cold and 40 minutes and bleh. I never have time to ride anymore. Too much commuting. Really, an hour a day? Gah.

Maybe it’s just that I’m exhausted from the cold. Or exhausted from lack of sleep. Or exhausted from lack of free time. Which leads to another thought:

I live for karate, really enjoy cello, and need to work. If I’m going to bike at all, it’s got to be the commute. I can barely find time for my cello.

The big question is: can I afford the extra time commuting by bike?  The only day I can bike in is Tuesday.

Today it snowed.  Though it was beautiful, I’m still fighting this cold.  Let’s see  how Tuesday works out.

New Route

September 28, 2009

I’m still alive!  Really this time!

OK maybe not.  But I did bike in on Tuesday.  Now I’m on vacation!  If the rain stops I’ll bike again on Wednesday.  We’ll see.

Long commute

August 15, 2009

My new, long, commute was a bit of a workout, I’ll admit.  I started feeling tired about 10 miles in.

It was nice to wake up so much later than normal (8am as opposed to 6) but leaving at twilight is going to stink.  I managed to stick my tail-light to one of my jersey pockets.  I never understood how awesome those pockets were.  For some reason, I imagined they would catch wind and create lots of drag.  Today I carried two sandwiches, my phone, and keys/ID, and all without a backpack.

As soon as I got to work I dropped my Odo.  Ugh!  Here’s what I remember of the numbers:

48min, 14.9mi
avg 18.4mph, max 32mph
78ºF, Odo 1000mi!
Cadence: 85


Bike to Work, day 37

July 17, 2009

First day back.  I usually don’t expect much when I’ve been off the bike this long.  In spite of this, I pushed for speed:

0:20′41, 6.75mi
avg 19.6mph, max 29.5mph
68ºF, Odo 982.2mi
Cadence: 90

Beautiful results!

I made a new friend on the ride home: Ian.  He thought I was someone else, heh.  We raced about and drafted eachother.  Fun!

0:21′05, 6.75mi
avg 19.2mph, max 33.0mph
87ºF, Odo 989.0mi
Cadence: 90

Too bad about that stop at the intersection, and that I bonked myself racing Ian.  Good day!

I likely won’t be biking next week, since I’m moving.

I’m hoping the monsoon season is over.

0:22′18, 6.67mi
avg 18.0mph, max 27.2mph
55ºF, Odo 968.5mi
Cadence: 90

It was nice to bike in, but keeping cadence at 90rpm is just not fun. Beats knee pain, sure, but it feels like needless work!

0:21′47, 6.98mi
avg 19.2mph, max 33.2mph
82ºF, Odo 975.4mi
Cadence: 90

So nice out!

Bike to Work, day 35

June 17, 2009


0:22′12, 6.45mi
avg 17.4mph, max 28.1mph
50ºF, Odo 951.0mi
Cadence: meh
*humid and cold

As you can probably tell, I didn’t have much gusto for sweating today. I was tired and didn’t feel like showering twice in one morning. When I arrived I realized I’d forgotten my towel again. Oh well.

Today will be a good day.

0:21′56, 6.67mi
avg 18.3mph, max 31.2mph
75ºF, Odo 957.7mi
Cadence: 90rpm

Much improvement, actually.  Maybe I am getting used to pushing at 90rpm.  Or maybe I don’t care.

Took abnormal routes today, less knee pain.

This morning I hit my snooze button but didn’t go back to sleep; I couldn’t.  Today’s the day I get off my butt and bike to work!

It would have been yesterday, but I forgot to set the alarm back.  I woke up eager to ride, but it was already too late to leave.  Still, this allowed me to carry a larger quantity of clothes into the office.

I still forgot some essentials, for example: a towel, and some clothing I’d rather not mention.  Oh well.

0:21′40, 6.94mi
avg 19.2mph, max 28.6mph
54ºF, Odo 933.2mi
Cadence: 90rpm!
*Damp conditions, very humid

By ‘very humid’ I mean some of the time it felt like it was raining, except no water was falling, it just hung there in the air.

I took the bridge over the big intersection.  It took more time but I didn’t have to worry about traffic.

I keept my cadence at 85-100rpm the whole time.  A couple times I dropped below 80 but shifted right away.  Knee problems be gone!

It feels great to be back.

Biked lunch, too.

0:19′46, 6.76mi
avg 20.5mph, max 31.1mph
71ºF, Odo 944.6mi
Cadence: 90rpm!


Bike to work, day 33

June 1, 2009

Good Morning!

Today’s ride was cold and slow.  I carried a full bag of clothes, forgot my lunch, and left late.  My butt hurts, my knee hurts, I wasn’t fast, my cold lingers as a hacking cough.  I don’t care.

0:23’39, 6.75mi
avg 17.1mph, max 29.7mph
43ºF, Odo 919.5mi
Cadence: meh

I gave that cold a week to vacate.  I’m worried about doing leg locks at the karate studio, they might aggrevate my knee even more.  Maybe it just hurts from the heavy lifting this weekend.

I still don’t care, I’m overjoyed: I have a new cello!  Yay!

0:20′56, 6.76mi
avg 19.4mph, max 34.0mph
72ºF, Odo 926.2mi
Cadence: meh

Max speed while chasing a truck.  I won’t call it drafting because I failed to keep up.  Maybe it started as drafting, but I certainly slipped out of that slip stream before I reached 30mph.

Yesterday I was sick and stayed home.  This morning is my recovery ride, and I have to say it wasn’t bad at all.  In fact, I set a new record–with a lingering headcold!

0:19′50, 6.77mi
avg 20.4mph, max 28.9mph
60ºF, Odo 905.9mi
Cadence: 70-110rpm

While I didn’t carry a bag with me (thank you cycling jersey with pockets!) and somehow always attribute this with speed, clearly this incredible sub-twenty minute ride has more to do with resting for a day before riding again.

That’s a full 60 seconds off my previous best, which I made on my last ride in.  Good week!

I tried to keep my cadence between 80 and 90rpm.  I realized that keeping a single gear only benefited me when I would normally spin out on some climb.  Instead of spinning, I would keep the same gear and  maintain momentum.  I realized that if I only downshift a little I can avoid the (tiring) strongman pull, keep momentum, and devour the hill.

Wow, what a ride!

0:19′37, 6.76mi
avg 20.7mph, max 33.8mph
90ºF, Odo 912.7mi
Cadence: 63-112rpm

Not bad but I would have rather been faster.  Nothing in the tank, still sick, and three heavily traffic-ed intersections.  I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Test tomorrow at the studio, wish me luck!

Bike to Work, day 31

May 20, 2009

While I was trying to beat my time, I’m still surprised I did.  I started out with no seriousness: coasting while fiddling with my headphone cables.  On the other hand, this makes sense.  If I learned one thing about racing last year it was this: don’t burn out early.  What I never figured out was this: attack every hill.  Keep your average speed up by never going slow.

0:20′57, 6.77mi
avg 19.4mph, max 27.1mph
50ºF, Odo 887.9mi
Cadence: 70-90rpm
G-Ratio: 6.5

But here I am: fastest time (by a whopping two seconds).  My first thought is “I could have done better.”

Who cares?  Enjoy it.

I had to leave my coat and leggings at work yesterday, so when I saw it was 50º out, I breathed a sigh of relief.  If it had been 38º again I’d have had to bundle up.  But instead, it is beautiful out!  Shorts and a windbreaker, visible from space.  Not a bad morning at all.

Took the bike out for a spin during lunch.  The sun was much too bright for me to stay locked up inside at my desk breathing recycled air.

0:17’24, 4.8mi
avg 16.55mph

Nothing impressive here, but this was not about impressing anyone.  It’s wonderful to be outside in this beautiful weather, even if it’s only for a short lunch break.

Sometime after lunch, I was struck with what felt like a ton of bricks.  I’m coming down with something.  Chai helped, but I still took the easy way home.  Nothing to look at here.

0:21’11, 6.48mi
avg 18.3mph, max 28.5mph
82ºF, Odo 899.2mi
Cadence: 64-104rpm

Time to cancel everything and get some sleep.