Yesterday I took a sick day and didn’t ride in.  Stayed in bed most of the day.  I feel bad about not cycling.  I’ll make it up this weekend.

The ride was poetry.  It started dark and gritty, and late.  I had a goal so I hit the gas and did not let up.  Soon I was hauling up every hill, every straightaway.  And I did it all in the big gear ring. The ride flew by!

0:21’38, 6.75mi
avg 18.7mph, max 25.7mph
40°F, Odo 197.1mi
Cadence: 65-76rpm
*very wet, light rain

I have never been fond of keeping my cadence at 90rpm.  It just feels like too much spin.  Sure, I understand ‘racers’ keep their cadence up at 100 and higher, and it really is my goal to race at some point, but it just feels wasteful.

In spite of my nearly constant hammering on the pedals, I did actually ride smart.  I ‘coasted’ down hills, though I did not stop pedaling.  I only used the smaller cog up one hill (the overpass).

Nearly one and a half minutes faster than my fastest time last week!  Woohoo!

0:18’19, 6.21mi
avg 20.34mph, max 29.2mph
61ºF, Odo 204.3mi
Cadence: 70-85rpm
*pulled clock at the park entrance

Well I have a beautiful average speed if I cut the clock at the park, before the intersection of doom, but then I drop it and forget to measure the rest of the mile home and it’s a mess.  Stupid traffic.