Third Lunch

March 11, 2010

Biked again yesterday, and this time I avoided the dirt road from day 1.  Not that I have anything against dirt roads.  I think they’re nice, homey, and comforting.

My bike, however, hates them! But I can understand that.  I’m not terribly fond of the way my front wheel digs into the ground and threatens to toss me off my bike, but for all other purposes, they’re okay by me.

Avoiding the dirt road, however lead me on a longer road.  Usually I love hills.  I think of them as a challenge and power up them.  This was not a hill, it was psychological torture.  Honestly, the thing looks flat.  You can’t tell you’re climbing except that your speed decreases persistently.  I never like this, but at the end of a ride it is particularly disheartening.

Mileage count:
day 1: 7 mi.
day 2: 9.5 mi
day 3: 8 mi

Today’s route was good: it had a long flat lead in, a bit of climbing, a bit of descending.  The humidity and temperature made my ears and toes numb but in spite of that I still enjoyed the ride.

It’s been beautiful to ride again, even if it’s only half what I used to ride daily.  Even if I’m pushing on a sprained ankle.

Wish me luck for the weekend, my friend Professor Hillary rides a mean TT and thinks anything less than 40 miles is a waste of time.  I’m DOOMED. =)



March 9, 2010

Who rode during his hour lunch?  This guy!

No clock, nothing in the way.  Just my buddy, two bikes, the sun, and a whole lot of pavement.

It felt soooo good.

Some Cool Stuff

March 2, 2010

Itching to bike!

Some crazy transportation ideas

Let me reintroduce myself.  I was formerly a cyclist, cellist, martial artist, and teacher.  Since I moved (the landlady foreclosed!) I’ve been tech support.  I’ve recently rescheduled my time, but I can’t spare the 2 hours a day to bike to work.  It stinks, and I’ll figure something out sometime, but not right now.

During the last week of December I decided I missed my bike too much.  The sun was out and I thought “-15º windchill is as bad as it gets.  Let’s do this!”

24 minutes later my legs hurt and I had learned a very valuable lesson: Don’t Forget Your Booties.  The wool socks didn’t do much for me.  Everything else was fine though!  Legs, arms, torso, head, hands, everything was covered.  Except my feet.  Somehow I managed to keep all my toes.  Lucky Me!

Today, however, was a workout of a different kind.  I decided I wanted to work my chest and belly.  Honestly, it’s been a while.  I thought I’d start easy:

One Hundred Twenty Five pushups.

Two Hundred Crunches.

I am insane.

Serve Chilled

October 27, 2009

Foggy, temperature in the 30ºs.  Chill, humid, and dark but for a nearly invisible spot of blue-white light.  I’ve covered every inch of skin with some kind of odd thin black stretchy stuff.  Helmet, headphones, a facemask, and the inherent clumsiness of gloves.  Breathe carefully, don’t fog the glasses.  Climb over, stretch, clip in, wobble.  Breathe.


You know what happens after that:  the long glide.

I’d like to pretend it was like flying, but it wasn’t.  Not really.  True, at one point in my ride I felt perfectly comfortable: my pedaling was effortless and my body — weightless.

The number machine completely failed.  My cyclometer no longer functions.  The components on my bike are slowly wearing down to dust.  New bike next year?  Not likely.  It’s a good frame, though.  We’ll see.


October 20, 2009

What are your thoughts on helmets?  I agree with this list.

While I will always wear a helmet in traffic, I have to agree with Yehuda Moon:

Styrofoam Hat?

Styrofoam Hat?

A Styrofoam hat is not the solution to the problem.

At the same time, I know the solution to the problem will not be implemented any time soon.  And so, I wear a helmet because I bike in traffic, because in the long run I’d rather be safe than brain dead.


October 16, 2009

I’ve had a cold all week, and I’ve scraped frost off my windshield all week, too. If I didn’t have a cold, and had been getting enough sleep and hydration…. I would still be in bed at 6am. It’s dark and cold and 40 minutes and bleh. I never have time to ride anymore. Too much commuting. Really, an hour a day? Gah.

Maybe it’s just that I’m exhausted from the cold. Or exhausted from lack of sleep. Or exhausted from lack of free time. Which leads to another thought:

I live for karate, really enjoy cello, and need to work. If I’m going to bike at all, it’s got to be the commute. I can barely find time for my cello.

The big question is: can I afford the extra time commuting by bike?  The only day I can bike in is Tuesday.

Today it snowed.  Though it was beautiful, I’m still fighting this cold.  Let’s see  how Tuesday works out.


September 29, 2009

No idea how I managed to make a 10 mile ride into a 40 minute ordeal, or maybe my Odo is flunking again.  It was all hills, at any rate.  The return trip, 6 miles, felt much faster but still took 24 min.

It is so nice to be out on the bike again!

New Route

September 28, 2009

I’m still alive!  Really this time!

OK maybe not.  But I did bike in on Tuesday.  Now I’m on vacation!  If the rain stops I’ll bike again on Wednesday.  We’ll see.

Chic Cyclist: Repair Station at MIT.

For my Boston Bike Buddies.

I had been hoping to bike in today, but I knew last night there was no chance of me waking up at 5am this morning.  I did manage to wake up by 5:45, so I’m getting there.  Alternatively, if I could manage to get my stuff together at night, I could get up later.