October 20, 2009

What are your thoughts on helmets?  I agree with this list.

While I will always wear a helmet in traffic, I have to agree with Yehuda Moon:

Styrofoam Hat?

Styrofoam Hat?

A Styrofoam hat is not the solution to the problem.

At the same time, I know the solution to the problem will not be implemented any time soon.  And so, I wear a helmet because I bike in traffic, because in the long run I’d rather be safe than brain dead.

3rd Degree Black Belt

June 6, 2009

I passed my test! I passed I passed WOO I’m a 3rd black belt I did it!!  Yay!!!

The promotion ceremony will be on Wednesday 6/24.  When I got out of the studio I screamed and jumped up and down I was so happy.  Yay!!

The Cold

May 26, 2009

Taking the week off to really recover from this cold (which has become a nasty cough)

I gave blood today!

MeTube: Cello

March 14, 2009

Not bad for not much practice.

Ride tomorrow?

Quote: Watchmen

February 27, 2009

Regarding Ornithology:

“Is it possible, I wonder, to study a bird so closely, to observe and catalogue its peculiarities in such minute detail, that it becomes invisible?  Is it possible that while fastidiously calibrating the span of its wings or the length of its tarsus, we somehow lose sight of its poetry?

… Until we transform our mere sightings into genuine visions; until our ear is mature enough to order a symphony from the shrill pandemonium of the aviary; until then we may have a hobby, but we shall not have a passion.

… Although I had recovered my motor abilities in the aftermath of the owl’s shriek, I found that my equilibrium was not so easily regained.  Some facet of the experience had struck a chord in me, forged a connection between my dulled and jaded adult self and the child who sprawled in the faint starlight while the great night hunters staged dramas full of hunger and death in the opaque jet air above me.  An urge to experience rather than merely record had been rekindled within me.

… A scientific understanding of the beautifully synchronized and articulated motion of an owl’s individual feathers during flight does not impede a poetic appreciation of the same phenomenon.  Rather, the two enhance each other, a more lyrical eye lending the cold data a romance from which it has long been divorced.” (‘Nite Owl’ from Watchmen, chapter 7. Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons)

Clearly, it applies to all things.  Karate, cycling, cello, everything.  Writing like this is why this is more than a ‘comic book’, why this is a graphic novel.

Lots of people think very negatively about failure and mistakes. But a mistake is an opportunity to learn. Do not feel defeated about a goal you failed to reach, instead look back at what happened, look at where you struggled, where you succeeded. Every failure, every mistake is an opportunity to improve.

The only real failure is to give up. You are cementing your own defeat.

We’re coming up on the big trial time: February and March. Most people give up and quit, and lock in the big failure. To succeed, just hold on. Just keep going. A black belt doesn’t become a black belt by a single superhuman act. They do something entirely human every single day. The biggest deciding factor in a black belt is determination.

Karate is not made for people who are superbly athletic. It’s not made for big men. They don’t need to defend themselves. It’s made for common people. Most black belts are not people with special coordination skills or exceptional physical skill. They are people who do not give up. More often than not, someone with ‘talent’ will give up when karate gets too difficult. Since they have natural talent they’ve never had to struggle. At the first sign of difficulty, they quit. Black belts persevere.

You can all be black belts. The goals you have set are are difficult, but they are not impossible. You can do it!

Looking Up

January 4, 2009

sky in motion.

I found this on APOD, Astronomy Picture Of the Day.

If that HD version is too choppy for you, you can view it regular quality here: original apod page.

Cello Practice

December 27, 2008

An exquisitely patterned dress shirt in deep red, black pants fresh pressed; a night on the town resolved.

Now I sit with my cello and bow, the strings alive shake the whole world; the stage.

My audience: stacks of bills and dirty laundry, vacant bookshelves and a lonely chair, papers, clothes, odds and ends; an empty room is my concert hall.

The cello weeps, cries out in the pain it pulls from my own heart.  My emotions are drawn out into the sound; my heartache escapes: and I am free.

© 2008


December 14, 2008