Im a happy kind of person, and recently very bald.


Hello and welcome! Here’s a little about me.

I’ve been cycling to work since March of 08.  My goal is to commute via bike year round.  I want to reduce people’s fear of the oil crisis by showing there is a valid alternative to cars.

I am also a 2nd degree black belt in Kenpo Karate under Mr. Steve White.  I have been teaching for several years.  Teaching karate is my passion.

Road Bike:

First Road Bike

My bike is a Trek 1.2.  It’s got Bontrager everything.  There are more Bs on this bike than on anything else in my house.  This Trek has been my primary mode of transportation since April 08.  It has more than a thousand miles on it.  It’s my first road bike and I’m surprised how rugged it is.

I’m hoping to buy a somewhat respectable mountain bike for the winter time, though I may just try to buy my old bike back.  There was nothing wrong with it, and it never let me down, but I’m worried the winter will destroy it.

Winter Bike:

single speed offroad performance urban

Globe Centrum Sport

This is a Specialized Globe Centrum Sport, single speed.  Specialized classifies it as a “Performance Urban” bike.  I say it’s my new winter bike!  I will be fixing the back axle (see the Fixie wiki) and adding studs to the tires in preperation for a typical New England winter.  Special thanks goes out to Goodales Bike Shop.

5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Jessica said

    That’s actually a really cool idea, course could you imagine in the future if everyone uses bikes, road rage would be so different and traffic would probably be even more of a pain lol

  2. Jessica said

    I know it works now, was trying to make a joke, but I guess it failed lol

  3. Charisa said

    Love your bike commute goal – pretty awesome. Good luck!

  4. Really enjoyed reading your blog! I live in the UK south west Devon. I have only just started to cycle to work 7 miles. Hell at first as everywhere at the moment is mud and flood. Slowly improving I am 53 and want to cut costs and get fitter! I do have an old car but I am trying to live without using it. Well done on writing such an inspirational and informative bik friendly price. Please keep it up. Oh and add some more pictures of your environment NY etc. As that would be even more interesting. Kind regards law roberts

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