Thoughts on Sustainable Peace

February 12, 2012

I’ve been thinking…
People’s only purpose is sex.  It’s our strongest genetic purpose.  And that leads to overpopulation, which spells doom for almost everybody.  We have to see past it.
We have moral obligations.  These moral obligations are more important than our genetic purpose:  Fairness, equality, justice, peace, etc.
As a people Americans have failed to uphold these morals.  Instead we uphold hatred, racism, sexism, bigotry, etc.  We uphold the need to be better than those around us.
Instead of this I say the strong must protect the weak.  Here I mean physical strength, monetary strength, and intellectual strength.

I would love to experience world peace, but this cannot happen through simple non-violence.  You need compassion first, but then you need to train in self-defence, while studying the consequences of each strike.  If you understand the consequences, you will not ever strike out of anger.  If you must strike, it will be with the minimal amount of strength required, out of compassion for the aggressor.
To maintain ourselves, we must also study weapons of every technological level.  From clubs to swords to guns to missiles to whatever the future holds.  We must study them, practice their use, and study the consequences of their use.  In this practice, compassion is built-in.  We must teach every generation to see the consequences of nuclear warfare.  Also they must learn the consequences of a simple broken nose.

With this education you have a people who grow up living a compassionate life, peaceful but practiced in warfare should they ever be attacked.  
And if they were attacked, would defend with compassion for their aggressors.  Would care for their opponents wounded, etc.  But before all that, would have tried to negotiate, truly negotiate, peace.
They would be aware of anger as a blinding thing that prevents them from thinking clearly, like fear and stress.  They would have learned to discuss without the need to be right or better.

It seems obvious that we must teach compassion in schools, that we must fund education (presently it is retardedly underfunded, and I mean that in the scientific sense), and we must not allow whatever has corrupted our government to start another needless war.

I love this country, I really do.  But instead of using morals to promote compassion, we are using sex to promote consumerism.  We have no worldview, our elections are hacked so our votes have no power, our ‘freedom’ is a veal pen. Stay unaware in your homes or the TSA (The Terror Security Association) will molest you when you try to travel.
We can be better than this.


–note: Please consider this a rough draft. I welcome constructive criticism here, but please try to keep the end goal in mind.

One Response to “Thoughts on Sustainable Peace”

  1. Anne said

    Beautifully said. I think that compassion, in many forms, is the best answer.

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