Don’t Forget Your Booties.

January 8, 2010

Let me reintroduce myself.  I was formerly a cyclist, cellist, martial artist, and teacher.  Since I moved (the landlady foreclosed!) I’ve been tech support.  I’ve recently rescheduled my time, but I can’t spare the 2 hours a day to bike to work.  It stinks, and I’ll figure something out sometime, but not right now.

During the last week of December I decided I missed my bike too much.  The sun was out and I thought “-15º windchill is as bad as it gets.  Let’s do this!”

24 minutes later my legs hurt and I had learned a very valuable lesson: Don’t Forget Your Booties.  The wool socks didn’t do much for me.  Everything else was fine though!  Legs, arms, torso, head, hands, everything was covered.  Except my feet.  Somehow I managed to keep all my toes.  Lucky Me!

Today, however, was a workout of a different kind.  I decided I wanted to work my chest and belly.  Honestly, it’s been a while.  I thought I’d start easy:

One Hundred Twenty Five pushups.

Two Hundred Crunches.

I am insane.


2 Responses to “Don’t Forget Your Booties.”

  1. bobco85 said

    Booties sound like a good idea. I’m pretty sure I was starting to lose feeling in my toes on a ride this past weekend.

    I hope you can find a way to commute and still get to bike. However, you definitely are insane for that kind of workout!

  2. Anne said

    Glad you got back on the bike, although it sounds like the timing wasn’t the best. I’m sure you’ll never forget the booties again.

    I’ve been riding all winter – shorter rides in the neighborhood. Just got back from a grocery run with my trailer, stocking up before the next snowstorm.

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