Long commute

August 15, 2009

My new, long, commute was a bit of a workout, I’ll admit.  I started feeling tired about 10 miles in.

It was nice to wake up so much later than normal (8am as opposed to 6) but leaving at twilight is going to stink.  I managed to stick my tail-light to one of my jersey pockets.  I never understood how awesome those pockets were.  For some reason, I imagined they would catch wind and create lots of drag.  Today I carried two sandwiches, my phone, and keys/ID, and all without a backpack.

As soon as I got to work I dropped my Odo.  Ugh!  Here’s what I remember of the numbers:

48min, 14.9mi
avg 18.4mph, max 32mph
78ºF, Odo 1000mi!
Cadence: 85


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