Dark ages

August 13, 2009

I’ve moved. I’m no longer only 6 miles from work. Now it’s around 15 miles. I know what you’re thinking. (OK, I’m pretending to know what you’re thinking)  You’re thinking I’ll have to leave the house at 5:30am.  It’s true, but I’ll be testing my ride on Saturday.  I only have to be there at 11 so I can leave whenever.

Fortunately my shift will be changing next month: 8-5!

It’s been a while since I’ve ridden any distance on the bike.  Due to the sensitivity issue, knee issue, rain, and moving,  I’ve been driving.  And since I’ve passed my big test at the karate studio I haven’t been working out every Saturday morning.

This all leads up to a feeling of lazyness.  I miss the thrill of speed, I miss the focus, the pain, the monster leg strength.  I miss the independence.  I miss not needing to worry about the price of gas, about traffic.  I miss biking.

I’d have biked last night, to warm myself up to it, except the front derailleur is catching the chainring.  It sounds like a chainsaw.  I brought it down to the shop and they’re replacing it.

I miss my bike.

One Response to “Dark ages”

  1. Anne said

    I took one of my bikes to the shop today. Fortunately I won’t be without it for long. The rear gear cluster has gotten a bit worn, and the chain was starting to get stretched. I’ve been having enough trouble with bad shifts, occasional chain drops, and chain skipping when accelerating that I needed to go spend the bucks.

    About the new commute – I have friends whose bike commutes are 5-7 miles each way who ride more often than not year round. When the distance is more than 10 miles each way, it gets tougher. I can appreciate the challenge of your adjustment.

    In my old ‘hood, my ride was 12 miles each way, and I only did it in the warmer months. From my new place, some of the roads and neighborhoods are much more hazardous between here and downtown. The most direct route (with some of the most hazardous roads and ‘hoods) would be about 15 miles each way and would take over an hour. A safer route would be at least 3 miles longer. ‘

    This is the first year that I’ve felt in shape to do it at least some of the time, but I really feel safe to do it without a commute partner. I know a few people from my neighborhood who do the bike commute downtown, but they work much earlier shifts. Whenever I find a new job, maybe the situation will be more suitable to a bike commute.

    Good luck with your new routine. I hope that the later shift helps.

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