A Sensitive Topic

July 16, 2009

After 2 months out of the saddle, I noticed something very interesting that has frightened me and shaken my resolve to get back on.  My junk was numb.  Now it’s not.  I won’t tell you how I discovered this, but it was a bit of a shock, a disappointment.  Let’s just say that slightly numbed junk can be fun sometimes.

If it took 2 months to regain my sensitivity, after only a few (36!) days on the bike, then it may take even longer if I bike even longer.  What if I never get it back?  Sure I love biking, but I love my junk more.

Maybe I’m not sitting correctly.  It seem everyone else sits flatter.  I’ll try that tomorrow.  This is definitely worth a new seat, if a seat will solve the problem.  Also I’m convinced this has more to do with pressure than rubbing, but I’m willing to explore cream, too.

Yes, I was fit to my bike, at least concerning my feet.  I’ll stop in and ask about my riding position.

Numb junk is … a sensitive topic.

One Response to “A Sensitive Topic”

  1. Most likely it could be the way you are sitting on your bike, possibly cutting off blood circulation, and I can see how this becoming permanent could be a freaky thing.

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