Bike to work, day 33

June 1, 2009

Good Morning!

Today’s ride was cold and slow.  I carried a full bag of clothes, forgot my lunch, and left late.  My butt hurts, my knee hurts, I wasn’t fast, my cold lingers as a hacking cough.  I don’t care.

0:23’39, 6.75mi
avg 17.1mph, max 29.7mph
43ºF, Odo 919.5mi
Cadence: meh

I gave that cold a week to vacate.  I’m worried about doing leg locks at the karate studio, they might aggrevate my knee even more.  Maybe it just hurts from the heavy lifting this weekend.

I still don’t care, I’m overjoyed: I have a new cello!  Yay!

0:20′56, 6.76mi
avg 19.4mph, max 34.0mph
72ºF, Odo 926.2mi
Cadence: meh

Max speed while chasing a truck.  I won’t call it drafting because I failed to keep up.  Maybe it started as drafting, but I certainly slipped out of that slip stream before I reached 30mph.


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