Bike to Work, day 32: Recovery

May 22, 2009

Yesterday I was sick and stayed home.  This morning is my recovery ride, and I have to say it wasn’t bad at all.  In fact, I set a new record–with a lingering headcold!

0:19′50, 6.77mi
avg 20.4mph, max 28.9mph
60ºF, Odo 905.9mi
Cadence: 70-110rpm

While I didn’t carry a bag with me (thank you cycling jersey with pockets!) and somehow always attribute this with speed, clearly this incredible sub-twenty minute ride has more to do with resting for a day before riding again.

That’s a full 60 seconds off my previous best, which I made on my last ride in.  Good week!

I tried to keep my cadence between 80 and 90rpm.  I realized that keeping a single gear only benefited me when I would normally spin out on some climb.  Instead of spinning, I would keep the same gear and  maintain momentum.  I realized that if I only downshift a little I can avoid the (tiring) strongman pull, keep momentum, and devour the hill.

Wow, what a ride!

0:19′37, 6.76mi
avg 20.7mph, max 33.8mph
90ºF, Odo 912.7mi
Cadence: 63-112rpm

Not bad but I would have rather been faster.  Nothing in the tank, still sick, and three heavily traffic-ed intersections.  I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Test tomorrow at the studio, wish me luck!

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