Bike to Work, day 29: Poetry on Wheels

May 13, 2009

Beautiful! A new record without even trying:

0:20’59, 6.75mi
avg 19.3mph, max 27.3mph
39ºF, Odo 831.9mi
Cadence: 60-80rpm
*wrong gloves: cold hands =(
Previous best: March 27
0:21′38, 6.75mi
avg 18.7mph, max 25.7mph
40°F, Odo 197.1mi
Cadence: 65-76rpm
*very wet, light rain

One thing I did differently this morning: No Shifting.  I’m 3 gears down from heaven (53-11 is BIG) and when I have time to lookup the ratio, I’ll post it here.  Still, I felt constantly that it was too high a gear.  Tomorrow I’ll try one gear lower and shoot for 75-95rpm.

I didn’t feel spectacular during the ride.  My hands were cold, I felt like I had no energy to draw from; and yet here I am with a New Best Time.  I’m psyched to try this gear ratio on the ride home; it’s a slight decline.

I definitely feel that moment of “giving in” when I hit a hill and downshift.  I downshift way more than I need to, drop all my speed, then spin like a chump with little effort.  Sure, some days I’m too tired to muscle up some hill, and in the end what does it matter?

It matters.  Giving up is addictive.  Don’t make a habit of it.  Make a habit of perseverance, of determination.  Have indominable spirit!

Today’s ride home was disappointing, compared to the morning ride.  Sure I hit one of the intersections perfectly, but the second one caught me.  Nothing like starting from a dead stop, up hill, in a painfully high gear.  Not a bad ride, anyway.

0:19’42, 6.76mi (week 43.24mi)
avg 20.6mph, max 30.0mph
72ºF, Odo 838.6mi
Cadence: 62-105rpm

Gear ratio, morning and afternoon: 53-14, or ‘7.5’  Tomorrow I’m going to try the next gear down, 53-16, or ‘6.5’


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