Bike to Work, day 21

April 22, 2009

I couldn’t bike in yesterday because I needed to bring my car to the shop for an inspection and repairs.  I didn’t bike in on Monday due to my exhausting weekend:

Wednesday: Give blood, Promotion night form demonstration.  Step exam the day after.  2 hours of sparring on Friday.  Up at 6:30am for Candidate class Saturday morning, hours and hours of cello, earth day events (running and jumping with kids), then out to Boston for Sushi, RockBand until 4am.  Sunday was an easy day with lots of sleep then an intense 2 hour practice at the studio.

This was just another in a series of incredible, eventful weekends that seem to have become my normal way of life.  No complaints, I’m loving this; and it’s like Tom Petty said: You never slow down, you never grow old.

0:22′14, 6.76mi
avg 18.2mph, max 32.6mph
48°F, Odo 358.3mi
Cadence: 70-85rpm

If my car is finished before the end of the day, I’ll bike another 15 miles after work.  More than likely, I’ll end up doing that ride on Thursday.  Not quite looking forward to that.  Too much traffic, slight uphill the whole way.  On the other hand, when I’m done I always feel invincible.

I forgot how good I feel after biking in!  I feel refreshed and strong and alive.

No broken records coming home, and that’s fine.  It was the coldest 60º I’ve ever felt, though:

0:20′46, 6.76mi
avg 19.5mph, max 29.7mph
60°F, Odo 365.1mi
Cadence: 70-85rpm

Cello time!

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