Bike to Work, day 15

April 6, 2009

Yesterday it was 60°, sunny, with a touch of  wind.  All in all beautiful.  This morning frost clung to the world and laughed it’s slow, bitter victory over life, but I biked in anyway.

0:23′30, 6.46mi
avg 16.5mph, max 27.6mph
34°F, Odo 278.0mi
Cadence: 65-87rpm

About three quarters of the way to work I realized that I did not care, at all, about how fast I could ride in today.  I even cut through the walkways to get there sooner.

The weekend was amazing, but tiring.  More later.

I dropped my cyclometer at my doorstep, and my shoe covers completely failed to keep my feet dry.

0:??’??, 6.77mi
avg ??mph, max ??mph
41°F, Odo 284.7mi
Cadence: 75-80rpm
*heavy rain

Now, after a hot shower, I’m going to take myself a nap then consider driving to boston for spin jam and ceremony and such.

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