Bike to Work, day 14: I Remembered to Forget

April 3, 2009

Or forgot to remember.  Regardless, I’m amazed that I beat my morning time again.

0:21′23, 6.77mi
avg 19.0mph, max 30.4mph
52°F, Odo 251.2mi
Cadence: 60-87rpm

However, that’s not what I want to talk about.  I want to talk about the things I remembered, and forgot, recently:

Monday: Forgot that I was covering class at the studio.

Yesterday: Remembered to lube the chain, adjust the rear derailleur.  Forgot to lock the bike at work.

Today: Forgot my helmet.


Rained with increasing intensitiy during the ride.  Fairly heavy rain by the end.  I’ve cycled in thunderstorms before, but today I should have worn the tights and gloves.  Thunder cut my post-ride shower short.  No new record.

0:20’56, 6.77mi
avg 19.4mph, max 27.4mph
50°F, Odo 251.2mi
Cadence: 60-87rpm

What a week.

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