Bike to Work, day 11

March 31, 2009

Everything about this ride felt good.

0:22’02, 6.77mi
avg 18.4mph, max 27.6mph
38°F, Odo 224.1mi
Cadence: 70-80rpm

It’s not a record.  My time on Friday was faster by 30 seconds, but I’m still a minute faster than every other time in!  Woo!

The ride home was amazing.  Only one minor traffic problem, and somehow maintained an amazing average speed:

0:19’50, 6.76mi
avg 20.4mph, max 32.3mph
53°F, Odo 230.8mi
Cadence: 70-90rpm

I am beside myself.  After only 11 days commuting.  It took me all summer last year to break 20 min.  How fast would I be if I’d ridden rollers all winter?  Would I have an average speed of 25mph?  30?

Broke the record by 48 seconds.  Powerbar and no annoying traffc stop helped.

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