Bike to Work: day 7

March 24, 2009

In light of 10-12mph headwind, and another 23° morning, I could not motivate myself to push any faster.  I took my time.

0:27’57, 6.75mi
avg 14.5mph, max 24.0mph
23°F, Odo 170.0mi
Cadence: 75rpm
*10-12mph headwind

So this is spring.  Fascinating.

Now that was more like it.

0:20’57, 6.75mi
avg 19.3mph, max 32.0mph
46ºF, Odo 176.8mi
Cadence: 80s

What a ride!

Not as fast as yesterday’s, which is odd since I didn’t push hard at all yesterday.  Today I pushed but came up short.  Maybe it was diet related?  The world may never know.


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