Bold New Jacket

February 20, 2009

Today I took the winterbike on it’s first snowy ride.  We have a couple of inches on the ground that haven’t melted yet, and I needed to go to the bank.  Unfortunately, I never cleared the cyclometer from my last trip for groceries (Monday?) so I can only show you the combined ride.

0’23:41, 5.7mi
avg 14.6mph, max 22.6mph
25ºF, SS Odo 5mi

Clearly nothing spectacular on the SS, not that I really was trying for such, I was just running errands.  And normally, I wouldn’t have even posted about it except for one awesome thing:

my new jacket

my new jacket

That picture was from my 20 mile ride last week, at 33ºF.  Note that I’m only wearing two layers: The coat, and a single long-sleeve jersey.  These are from today:

Yes that's snow on the tires!

Yes, that's snow on the tires!

Note the butt-flap.  It snaps up and away when you don’t need it.  Today I had it out (opening it while riding was slightly more difficult than I  would like) in spite of the rear fender, mostly to insulate better.  It was COLD!

And finally: the hot cyclist of the year award goes to…..

Probably someone with hair

Probably someone with more hair

With all the snow I haven’t biked to work this week.  I was playing with the idea for Thursday, but was told to work from home due to ‘inclement weather.’  I’d like to bike in on Sunday, but chances of me waking up in time are slim.


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