Joy, Bridled.

January 24, 2009

Here’s what killed my 365 cycling to work plan: Cold Rain.

September and October were all about cold rainy days.  I didn’t have the gear I needed, nor the space to dry it during work.  I feel bad hanging my stinking, soaking leggings, coat (& shirt, gloves, facemask, and hat) up in the group closet.  There’s no ventilation, no drainage.  That, plus who wants to get cold and wet?

I still don’t have a good jacket, and now I miss my bike.  Strangely, I miss the exertion, the endurance challenge of it.  I jogged earlier this week at 10ºF; yes, I am a crazy person.  Unfortunately I do not have any cool rollers for biking indoors.  Probably I couldn’t justify paying for them anyway.  Spend money to take all the cool parts of cycling away?  No air.  No sky.  No trees.  Nobody else, ever.  No hills!  Why bother?

Then again, I could get some reading done.  hmmmm.

I might just get crazy enough to start riding sooner than March.  Again, hmmm.  I have much to think about.

2 Responses to “Joy, Bridled.”

  1. Anne said

    cold rain = easy hypothermia

    hypothermia sucks

  2. plusran said

    it’s true, hypothermia is not my idea of a good time.

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