Lazy Day

December 21, 2008

I’m enjoying my vacation in the best way possible: doing nothing.  This may sound lazy, at first, but do not be confused, I am accomplishing nothing of consequence today.

The snow ensures it.  We have piles of the stuff.  It covers everything.  There is no way to leave, no place to drive, everything is canceled, stay home.

And what snow it is.  It falls constantly, smotheringly, and majestically.  Little stars drifting from the sky, twinkling and dancing in the wind.  I want to eat them up.

Though it is dark out now, the snow continues it’s work.  With no discrimination it piles up on everything.  Cars, trees, houses, bushes, steps, lamp posts, everything.  There is a soft glittering blanket dampening sound, insulating silence.  The quiet is deafening.  Peace is overwhelming.

I am in love.

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