Bike to Work, day 114: Not Quite Superhuman

December 5, 2008

This morning, against all odds, I got out of bed on time! Well, five thirty-something.   It took an unbelievable superhuman effort, but I did it!  I biked in!

OK, I’ll be honest, it wasn’t superhuman.  The ride itself was positively mundane.  It was the idea of getting up at 5 that was so hard to get over.  I didn’t exactly get to bed on time, but I did have a humongous prime rib sub.  My friend was right.  I needed to eat a cow to get over that tired feeling.  So I did.  I set my alarm for OMG-thirty and promptly snuggled with a pillow for 7 hours.  The remarkable thing was, when the alarm went off, I felt rejuvinated!  It was spectacular!  I snoozed a bit first, my favorite vice, then suited up and raced off.  And by raced I mean coasted:

0:26’09, 6.78mi
avg 15.6mph, max 23.9mph
32ºF, Odo 2760.7mi
Cadence: Low

Work was panic on a stick.  I was lucky enough to unwind with some co-workers after it was all over.  And I chose to trade that remaining light to socialize instead of riding home.  I needed to de-stress, and I did.  Sure, the ride home was dark, sure there was a ton of traffic.  It was a trade I needed to make.

0:22’38, 6.78mi (day 13.56mi)
avg 18.0mph, max 31.6mph
32ºF, Odo 2767.5mi
Cadence: Meh!

As you can see, I pushed for this ride.  Still, I have to give my thanks to Dan, at work, who still bikes in 20+ miles each way.  He’s put down 5,000mi this year.  You’re an inspiration, Dan!

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