November 4, 2008

Please get out and vote.  I would recommend voting for change, but that’s my personal opinion.


Bike to Work, day 108

November 3, 2008

Thank you standard time!  It’s nice to ride in with some amount of light.  Unfortunately, I managed to change the time on my cateye, and that reset the morning ride.  Woops!

0:00’00, 6.75mi
avg 0.0mph, max 0.0mph
23ºF, Odo 2615.7mi
Cadence 74, 84, 90rpm

Interestingly, I found that biking at 74rpm is quite comfortable when you’re totally bundled up.  On that note: my ankles were exposed, and thus, cold.  After warming up (5 miles) I brought my cadence up to par, completely neglecting my speed, however.  This was a sloooow morning.

I over-layered.  I was cold in my thermal so I added an insulated windbreaker, with the visible-from-space green coat over it all.  Heavy gloves, face mask, big sunglasses, ski pants over sweats, I was interested in staying warm, and I did.  Once I arrived, I was far too warm to be comfortable.  I stuffed the face mask in my shirt before the ride was over, but it wasn’t actually annoying yet: sometimes gets wet and gross.  Before locking the bike, I pulled off the coats and noticed my breath seemed to hang in the air a long time.  I thought for a moment that it was my breath, but then I noticed:  My arms are steaming. Woah!

I saw one of my co-workers as I rode in and thought “What’s that crazy person doing out in this weather?”  Obviously, she was thinking the same thing.  When I met up with her inside she said “Wow, you were flying!”  Aww, shucks =)

0:22’17, 6.77mi (13.52 day)
avg 18.2mph, max 29.8mph
52ºF, Odo 2622.5mi
Cadence 90rpm

more later!