Twenty Miles and The First Snowfall

November 30, 2008

It’s snowing, finally.

1:15’06, 20.18mi
avg 16.1mph, max 38.2mph
25ºF, Odo 2754.0mi
Cadence: 90rpm

My toes feel like they should be burning holes in my shoes.  They were cold, but I could feel them, so I kept going.  Now that they’re starting to warm up, they’ve fulfilled their pain quota for the day, and are working overtime. These toes want to succeed from the union of my body, overthrow the government, and then hari-kari.

I crushed the coup, put on smartwool socks and some loose fitting shoes, then went about my business.  Specifically, I was applying moisturizer to my face, back, and upper arms.  I realize the futility of doing this before showering, but it was a triage step.  The sting on my cheeks/forehead from the snow/wind became intolerable once I got inside.  Snow hurts at 20mph.  It’s beautiful, I love it, but it feels like raining sand when you’re on a bike.

Yes, I have a facemask and a hat, and huge sunglasses, but the facemask is wretched.  It choaks, it gets wet inside, it constricts air intake to my nose and mouth, it is a point of frustration in every ride.  I usually end up pulling it down and using the nose hole for my mouth.  Today I stuck the camelbak tube up through that hole.  More frustration.  The tube was bent on holding it’s twisted shape, the nozzle blocked air passage.  Argh!

The windburn on my back wasn’t as bad as usual, likely due to the insulating layer I wore: a windproof coat.  It’s more like a liner than anything, but it provided the insulation I needed.  I was itching for pit zips about 15 miles in, alas, no solice for those on the cheap.

I also nearly stopped into the bike shop and bought footcover at the end of this ride.  The bags are useful and free, but I’m not in love with the solution.  It’s not done yet.  I will tinker with it more when I have more time.  Right now I’m dying for a shower.

But first, a small workout: 50 pushups, 50 crunches (cycling legs).  Because it would be stupid to do this after showering =P

My legs feel great! And sarcastic!
Every time I walk up or down the stairs, my legs remind me that I could have spent the day in bed.  I counter by reminding myself that my legs wouldn’t feel like the coiled steel cables of the golden gate bridge if I just sat on my butt all the time.

Love is a fireplace and mulled cider.
I am wearing a hoodie I just pulled out of the drier.  I didn’t think I could ever improve on the “just showered” feeling, until this moment.  Now the plan is to take fresh sheets out of the drier just after showering, put them on a bed by the fireplace.  Mulled cider and cuddling. ah love

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