Bike to Work, day 113: Innovation

November 28, 2008

Every once in a while I see the word ‘innovation’ used in a commercial, or an ad, or some marketing ploy.  It’s always used wrong.  An innovative approach is supposed to be different.  Today I was innovative.

In my last post, I commented on my cold feet after a 40+ minute ride at 29ºF.  Sure, you can buy foot covers, but they’re outrageously expensive.  $50 for a pair.

Let’s think about this for a moment.  My  foot already has all the insulation it needs: sock and shoe.  The only problem is the shoe is meant to vent.  The first thought is: get weatherproof winter bike shoes.  But that’s expensive, even more expensive than the booties.  I guess my big problem is, it seems all I need is a water/wind barrier.  I just need something to stop the cold before it  gets to my  foot and I’ll be fine.

Something like a plastic bag.

Now, before you start thinking about fashion, remember that I already look like a complete dork with a helmet, neon jacket, tights, and funny shoes.  How much worse is it, really, to put plastic bags on my feet?

It’s a lot worse, but I did it.  My toes were warm and cozy!  My solution was free.  I WIN.

0:23’50, 6.77mi
avg 17.0mph, max 24.5mph
29ºF, Odo 2727.0mi
Cadence: comfortable (80s maybe) rpm

Clearly, however, I didn’t check the weather before I left today.  It was beautiful and crisp on the ride in, but it’s raining now.  Too bad I didn’t bring my fender; looks like I’m going to test the ‘weatherproofness’ of these tights today.

The ride home was uneventful, except for feeling fast.  I know there’s no way I was actually fast, since I had a huge backpack full of clothes, however, I had the energy to keep pushing even when I was tired.  The roads were wet, but not enough to cause major problems.

0:21’51, 6.76mi
avg 18.5mph, max 29.7mph
40ºF, Odo 2733.8mi
Cadence: 90rpm

My face hurt when I got home.  I left it exposed, since it wasn’t that cold out: 40ºF.  My face feels sunburnt, though there was barely any sun out, and it was never on my face.  It must have been the water in the air.

I did not wear the plastic bags on my feet.

One Response to “Bike to Work, day 113: Innovation”

  1. Mom said

    You’ll be OK. The sun is out now and you won’t be riding home in the rain.

    Great idea!

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