Bike to Work, day 112

November 13, 2008

Almost there!

Last night on the ride home I wore a thin teckwick shirt under my space windbreaker.  Usually it’s warmer on the ride home.

Last night when I got home my shoulders felt sunburned.  I have to assume it was windburn.  Weird.

0:27’03, 6.76mi (47.34 week)
avg 15.0mph, max 25.4mph
30ºF, Odo 2700.3mi
Cadence: fortysomething

Every once in a while I remember to get out of the racing mentality and look up at what’s passing by.  This morning I enjoyed the trees that surround me, I enjoyed the dark world of pre-dawn New England.

You might think I was the only one out there, at 30ºF, before the sun comes up.  You’d be wrong.  I pass people jogging, walking, walking the dog, walking multiple dogs, carrying bread home from the store, waiting for the school bus, and rarely now, other crazy cyclists.

The leaves have mostly fallen, they are mostly brown and piled up by wind or rain or a rake.  They aren’t crunchy, which is sad.  How many days I walked home kicking huge lumps of dry leaves around, or jumping into enormous piles, when I was younger.  I never appreciated fall the way I do now.  I imagine one autumn witout these colors would leave me with a wretched ache in my heart.

The ride home was good.  There was plenty of light and the temperature hadn’t dropped yet.

0:23’12, 6.76mi (54.10 week)
avg 17.5mph, max 32.3mph
42ºF, Odo 2707.1mi
Cadence: 90rpm

It’s pouring rain.  My gums hurt from seeing the dentist.  I helped at the karate studio after, simply because I was available.  Secretly, I wanted to cry.

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