Bike to Work, day 109: Not Dead Yet

November 10, 2008

I’m not dead yet!  I’m still alive and kicking!  Yesterday hurt, it’s true, but I felt motivated enough to get up and ride in today.  It was nice and warm, too!

0:23’25, 6.74mi
avg 17.2mph, max 27.8mph
44ºF, Odo 2659.7mi
Cadence 84rpm

If this weather holds up, it’ll be easy to bike in every day.

I had hoped to ride about 10 extra miles after work today, to help make up for lost miles, but it was dark before I even left work; I had to stay late to help a VIP.

0:22’15, 6.76mi (13.51 total)
avg 18.2mph, max 30.3mph
47ºF, Odo 2666.5mi
Cadence 86rpm

It felt like a great ride, really.  I pedaled strong the whole way.  It’s good to be back!

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