Bike to Work, day 105: I’m Back!

October 23, 2008

It was 38ºF this morning, and though I did hit the snooze once, after that I got up and got on with my morning!  It feels really good ride again.

I noticed one of my customers in bike shoes this morning. He rides 21 miles each way!

0:24’46, 6.75mi
avg 16.3mph, max 26.7mph
38ºF, Odo 2575.2mi
Cadence ?

It’s too dark to read my cadence in the morning, now.

Today was excellent, and I attribute it entirely to biking in.  Yes!

0:20’44, 6.74mi (13.50 total)
avg 19.5mph, max 28.6mph
~50ºF, Odo 2581.9mi
Cadence 84rpm (77-105)

I felt energized and alive!  After working for about an hour, I noticed someone in biking gear, specifically the bike shoes.  When I spoke to him, I learned he’d ridden 21 miles.  When we shook hands, his was very cold.  I carried that positive mood all day long!

One Response to “Bike to Work, day 105: I’m Back!”

  1. Anne said

    The stiff soles of bike shoes mean less wear and tear on your feet and more efficiency from each pedal stroke. In sneakers, some energy is wasted because the foot flexes.

    If you’ve never tried on bike shoes, you’ll find that sizing varies a LOT depending on brand. Unless you have hard-to-fit feet, medium-priced shoes offer plenty of bang for the buck. I have some friends with XXL or oddly shaped feet who can only get a good fit with Sidi or other high-end shoes at $200+ per pair. I’m glad I’m not in their shoes.

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