Bike to Work, day 104

October 16, 2008

0:24’46, 6.75mi
avg 16.2mph, max 29.7mph
52ºF, Odo 2561.6mi
Cadence ???

Two days ago in the cafateria, our fitness center was testing blood pressure and Body Mass Index.  My blood pressure was the lowest they tested: 110/78 and my BMI was 11.7%

0:22.15, 6.76mi (13.52 total)
avg 18.2mph, max 29.0mph
66ºF, Odo 2568.4mi
Cadence 80-106rpm
*light rain, wet road, soaking wet clothes.

This was not as fast as I’d hoped, considering the rush I was in, but since I made it to the studio on time, it was good enough!

One Response to “Bike to Work, day 104”

  1. Jeanne Lachance said

    Yahoo, you really are in good shape. See you tomorrow. I am excited. Love Your very own Memere

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