Bike to Work, day 101

October 13, 2008

You’ve heard of sleep-walking, but I feel like I was sleep-cycling this morning.  Zzz.

0:23’57, 6.45mi
avg 16.2mph, max 30.3mph
46ºF, Odo 2521.0mi
Cadence 76-??rpm

It was too dark to read the cadence without being dangerous about it, but I know it was low often and that’s fine with me!

I nearly forgot to mention this very important fact: Congress passed the commuter act,  which gives benefits for us bike commuters.  For example: Employers of people who bike to work stand to gain a $20 per month tax credit per cycling employee. Not bad!

What a day!  The fall colors are out in full, the air is crisp and cool.  And I’m out on my bike, enjoying it.

0:20’18, 6.75mi (13.20 total)
avg 20.0mph, max 31.8mph
64ºF, Odo 2527.8mi
Cadence 84-110rpm

No complaints from me, this was an excellent ride home.  I’m sweating and happy!

Now that I’ve posted a (much) faster ride on this route, I feel like I can just ride it casually.  Don’t get me wrong, clearly I love to ride fast, but this is the season (at least in New England) to slow down and enjoy the scenery.

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