Bike to Work, day 98: new ticker

October 7, 2008

On Friday I bought a new cyclometer and promptly pulled the cadence sensor right off the wire.  Oops!  I was at Wheelworks in Mass with Beau, who bought a beautiful new Specialized in satin black.  We put about 6 miles down just riding around, including going out for beer and burgers nearby.

On Saturday I went rock climbing (just bouldering, really) and gave my self a huge blister on my left index finger.  Driving afterwords was awkward, as my fingers did not want to close around the wheel.  Beer and anime were on the agenda, along with a long bike ride with Beau on Sunday, but something else changed my plans:

On Sunday I climbed Mt. Washington!  Autumn was in full swing, with every color in attendance.  Lustful reds, vibrant yellows, orange everywhere.  There were majestic waterfalls and snowy peaks, though the top of our mountain was in a cloud.  Everyone smiled or stopped to chat.  We hiked for 8 hours total, but only scaled about half of the mountain (my hiking buddy has asthma, so we climbed slowly).  It’s absurd to think the top is only 4 miles away, but remember you’re climbing 4,300ft.  We climbed Tuckerman’s Ravine up to the shelter then turned around because we didn’t want to run out of daylight.  This mountain is absolutely wonderful, and we climbed on a perfect day.  Next time we’ll bring crampons and other snow hiking gear, leave at 5am, and climb the whole thing.

Monday I worked late and drove down to Wheelworks after work to replace the cable I tore in half.  Today was my first ride with the new cyclometer, which includes a cadence counter!  Last night while testing it I found I can crank at 133rpm, up to 47mph, by hand.  This morning I found my cadence was a little slow at first, but then I kept it where it should be: 90rpm.

The new cyclometer is slick looking and intuitive to use.  It has two trip meters, which is great I can measure segments of a ride.

0:22’30, 6.76mi
avg 18.0mph, max 26.1mph
36ºF, Odo 2480.8mi
Cadence 80-110rpm

In an attempt to keep my speed up, I rode around the other side of the building on the way in.  Maybe it helped.

I am surprised how easy it was to stay at 90rpm.  Previously I’d had some impression that I was pushing really hard, really slowly, and thus practiced cycling at a much higher cadence.  It would seem I’d been training myself at about 100rpm.  This is perfect, because now 90 feels almost comfortable.  Hopefully I can make time for some longer rides soon!

Well that seals it, I did about 91rpm the whole way home.  max 103, min 85

0:20’42, 6.75mi (13.51mi round trip)
avg 19.5mph, max 33.4mph
64ºF, Odo 2487.6mi
Cadence 90-92rpm

What a beautiful day!


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