Bike to Work, day 97

October 2, 2008

23:51, 6.3mi
55ºF, Odo 2457mi
avg 15.9mph, max 28.4mph

Some days the struggle is just to get out of the house.  That was certainly the case this morning, and that’s due to the insubstantial ‘dinner’ I had last night: a giant PB&J before karate.  I left work late after some exciting OT: the desktop support group needs a hand.  Currently I’m doing phone support.  It looks like I may be helping for 1-2 months!  We’ll see what happens.  After leaving work, I pushed as hard as I could to get home, because I was running late.  quick shower, PB&J, and I was out the door.  My aunt needed me to cover two classes.  I helped with three, and stayed late to assist with some students practicing for an upcoming red belt test.  I love to help.

21:14, 6.3mi
61ºF, Odo 2464mi
avg 17.9mph, max 29.7mph

I pushed furiously for the whole ride. I cannot seem to put any speed into this route!

Tonight was the first ride I wasn’t looking forward to.  OK, maybe the second (riding in the rain at 34ºF was the first).  I got caught on a long call that I couldn’t fix, so I was in a foul mood.  It takes a lot to get me upset, but I’m carrying a ton of stress recently, and a sinus cold.  Though I wasn’t looking forward to it, as soon as I got on the bike, everything else evaporated.  Suddenly I was negotiating tight corners at speed and nothing else existed.  I used the anger to fuel my ride, and I don’t think it really helped much, all I was left with was sweat and tired legs.  This is a great way to get through the anger, too.


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