Different Morning

September 29, 2008

Several strange things happened this morning.

  • I woke up refreshed!  Not sloggy, slow, stupid, drowsy, or like a zombie back from the dead.  I can’t remember when this last happened, but I suspect it was a different decade.
  • No Alarm.  There was no beeping alarm, no annoying buzzing, nothing but the soft patter of rain.  It’s 6am and I usually wake up at 5.
  • Not starving.  I wasn’t ravished the way I usually am in the morning.  I wasn’t even hungry.  As a preemptive attack I had a piece of toast.
  • Warm out!  The temperature this morning is 60ºF.

I would have biked in, but I woke up late and it was raining.  Oh well, that’s the only negative for this beautiful day!

This weekend was amazing!  The main events were the Mt. Auburn Cemetary, the Museum of Fine Arts, and Dinner at Mom’s.  My best friend is visiting from California, so it’s great to hang out with her.  She’s like a sister, parted at birth.

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