First Impressions: The Winter Bike

September 24, 2008

I must remember the goals I had when I chose this bike. Winter Bike, Slow Bike Movement, Fixie, Easy Mount/Dismount, Cadence Training.

Embracing the Bike

Curvaceous and Clumsy

In the few moments of riding since I picked it up (oh, twenty minutes ago) I have developed a subtle fear of the grueling ride I expect tomorrow morning.

Not Quite Featherweight.

Not Quite Featherweight.

It’s got a miserable top speed which is hard to maintain.  On the other hand, it’s much lighter than I feared it would be.



In short, the bike is curvaceous and clumsy, sexy and slow.  These are my first impressions.

Extension of Self

Extension of Self

So here I am, with a new bike and a bit of fear.  I like confronting my fears, they’re never as big or as powerful as they seem to be.  After confronting them, I am much bigger; I am much more powerful than I seem to be.

Selfportrait with Bike

Selfportrait with Bike*

Come on challenges, come on fears!  I have everything to gain!  Bring it on.


One Response to “First Impressions: The Winter Bike”

  1. NorCalGal said

    Um, if you took some pictures like that and put them all together into a calendar, you would make a lot lot lot lot of money. :)

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