Bike to Work, day 93: New Route

September 24, 2008

Yesterday, I logged some sick time, then drove into the office.  Last night I stayed up way past my bedtime, but managed to get out the door on time this morning.  Fortunately, yesterday’s driving allowed me to check on the construction of my old route, which was scheduled to complete this month.  It changed from dramatic dirt-packed hills to rolling blacktop.  The traffic is lighter on this road, and it allows me to ride a huge shoulder along a short section of higher speed (40mph) road.  Two could comfortably ride this shoulder side by side without impacting traffic at all.  The old route puts me on rt 3, over a busy overpass, and through the work parking lots; it’s much more dangerous.  I’m overjoyed to not have to deal with any of that anymore.  Unfortunately there’s no big hill to challenge me, or to race down.  Oh well, it’s a trade-off I’ll take!

22:23, 6.3mi* New route
43ºF, Odo 2407mi
avg 16.9mph, max 26.5mph

I’m very excited to be riding Tinker Road again.  Way back when I started this madness, I had a really good morning and a really bad afternoon:

day 4:
6.4mi, 26m48s *best to-work time
odo: 64mi
33F Snowing

home again
9.2mi, 39m44s
odo: 73
34F raining *really bad ride.

The story was that when I left work it was raining and cold, but I figured I could race home, let my clothes repel/soak, generate some heat by pushing hard, and generally be ok.  Two miles in, I ran into Officer No.  “You can’t go this way.  Blasting.”  I hadn’t put on the blue ski pants (that never did repel water) nor even long fingered gloves.  My glasses were already worthless.  I was already cold, and this officer was telling me I needed to add more than 50% to my ride.  With a helmet and a steel mountain bike, I thought “I’ll take my chances against explosives, over freezing to death.” but I simply struggled to put the leather gloves on, and added the 4 miles.  When I got home, I immediately started a fire and and hung all my clothes out to dry.

Look at that best time: 26 min!  Here’s hoping the single speed can even go that fast.

20:08, 6.3mi
70ºF, Odo 2414mi
avg 18.8mph, max 29.1mph

I just realized that I can’t ride the new bike without a cyclometer!  On the other hand I can just use the stopwatch on my phone.  Desperate times call for desperate measures!


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