Performance Enhanced?

September 17, 2008



Partial success.  I’m not ready to go 50mph on my bike.  Certainly not with New England road surfaces (read: basketball sized potholes are commonplace).  However, this ring gives me the hope of speed, and that is what I needed.  I needed some hope, some change to believe in, to really push myself the way I did in May, June.  It’s helping!

Progression of handlebar drop

Handlebars Dropped

Dropped Handlebars
Total success. I didn’t know what I was missing with my bars up by my ears. Aero or not, lowering the bars helped me gain balance while pushing hard.  I feel comfortable when I bring my upper body up over the bars, confident.  My legs have more range when I’m standing, unlike before, where I felt like I was up on my tiptoes, with my arms bent severely, and straining.  Now I can leave my arms (mostly) straight and focus on my legs, which feel like they are in exactly the right place; all the while being in a more aero position.  This is awesome for sprint climbing.  I find myself downshifting multiple times while pushing up a hill, standing on the pedals, gaining speed.  What a feeling of power!

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